Station 71Five Grand Opening Reception May 25th


71Five CITY – West Medford, Station 71Five Community Center

The 71Five City is a relational community-based ministry that desires to see deep change in an inner-city neighborhood through the raising of local leaders from the young people in that community. 71Five City is an effective ministry model to transform the lives of inner-city youth, their families and the communities that they live in. We want to facilitate strong collaborative relationships with business leaders and inner-city youth and raise up young people into local leaders who serve their communities.

71Five CITY Includes:

Medford’s Old Fire Station #2 was awarded by the City of Medford to Youth 71Five Ministries in early 2018. Renovation efforts will begin in the Summer of 2019 to transform the old Fire Station into a new Community Center with the help of The Arthur Dubs Foundation and a community capital campaign. If you would like to help in the financial efforts, please contact us at or (541) 779-3275.


71Five City Coordinator – West Medford
office (916) 519-4679

71Five CITY – West Medford,

Arthur R Dubs

Station 71Five Community Center

1241 W 8th St,
Medford, Oregon 97501
office (541) 779-3275

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