A student burst into my office and said, “ I screw everything up at home… and now I’ve just screwed up again. My dad slaps me around and nobody likes me at school. I can’t do anything right!” Bullying and violence in our schools and communities are at unacceptable levels. Kids are hurting. In a 71Five Connect workshop, students experience a safe environment as they share their stories. They see others facing similar struggles and connect with caring adults. Students walk away from 71Five Connect wanting to show more kindness to others and make their school a better place. They learn they are not alone and there are safe adults they can turn to for guidance.

71Five CONNECT Includes:

• High energy games
• Small group discussions
• Personal reflection
• Connections with caring adults
• Follow up sessions


71Five Connect Ministry Director
cell (541) 301-8552


1241 W 8th St,
Medford, Oregon 97501
office (541) 779-3275

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