A Stirring Question

Recently during a discussion at 71Five City’s Middle School Club, we asked a question: “What’s the one thing you would ask God if you had the chance?” It ranged from the usual wishes for cool toys, superpowers and material possessions. Then Jack raised his hand and said, “I would ask for my mother to come back!” (Jack’s mom passed away recently.) A lot of young people are wrestling with the deep questions of life, not just superficial ones, but questions with such aching pain.
You are providing the only answer that truly matters, that death and pain do not have the final say in this young man’s life. Every promise of God find a BIG Yes in Jesus! [2 Cor. 1:20] We have this extraordinary privilege together with you to build bridges of trust so hope can travel into every dark place of pain! Thank you for going with us into these places, which are incredible opportunities, to speak into these young people’s lives right where they are, in the pain and brokenness, with the only true hope of God!
SHANE SKIRVIN,  71Five City – Liberty Park Coordinator  
(541) 646-1475 | shane@71Five.org
“Lord God, you are my hope. I have trusted you since I was young.” Psalm 71:5 ICB