a tremendous blessing

Michael is not our typical 71Five City kid. He comes from a relatively stable home: Dad, Stepmom and 2 younger sisters. He and his family are regular church attenders and Michael is well versed in the Bible. At 15 years old, he fluently speaks the languages of sarcasm and shade-throwing, especially with his sisters. He gets a lot of correction and firm direction from his stepmom, which of course, every boy needs. When I look at Michael, I see a smart kid learning how to become a man, but maybe not quite ready to put away the things of childhood. When I pray for Michael, I can see the leader that I think God has designed him to be. I see him trying on more mature roles like that of teacher, helper, and encourager. His presence in our group is a tremendous blessing. When he serves within the group, he helps me with the duties of presiding over the chaos. Younger children can see someone close to their age navigate the difficulties of growing up in the city. Kids who are growing up in trauma have an example of the hope that comes through following the Lord. It is my hope that Michael stays with us through his time in High School and beyond.
The youth we serve here at 71Five need caring people in their lives. Our youth need you to come alongside and engage them. Show them the value of a relationship with Christ by developing a relationship with them. Growing up and growing in Christ is an all-ages proposition. Come join our team and help youth from all walks of life become what God designed them to be. MICHAEL COOKE  71Five City Coordinator  (541) 779-3275  michael@71Five.org
“Lord God, you are my hope. I have trusted you since I was young.” Psalm 71:5 ICB