Breaking Chains and Healing Hearts

Jennica lights up a room. She’s charismatic, funny, sensitive, and loving… She’s also an addict. For five years we’ve watched her overcome many challenges, and unfortunately, we’ve also seen her deeply struggle with addiction. Two weeks ago she contacted her mentor, reaching out for help during what she described as “rock bottom”. Jennica had lost custody of her son, was being evicted from her home, and had taken her addiction to a new level. We knew she needed more help than we could give so we set up an over-the-phone intake call with an addiction recovery program and met her at her home the day of the appointment. In the wake of COVID19 restrictions, the addiction specialist informed us there were no in-patient facilities available. It was heartbreaking to think about Jennica without the tangible help she needed. As I prayed, I watched a miracle of hope unfold between Jennica and her mentor, Anita. Anita asked Jennica to look into her eyes. Hesitantly, she obeyed and Anita told her she loved her. Jennica tried to look away, but Anita held her gaze and said, “repeat back to me that you know I love you.” Jennica began crying, but again followed her trusted friends’ instructions. Then Anita said, “Jesus loves you too.” Jennica looked away again, but Anita persisted and repeated her request. “Repeat back to me that you know Jesus loves you.” Jennica looked up and said, “I know Jesus loves me.”
We do not yet know the end of Jennica’s story, but we do know the One who authors it and we can be confident Jennica now knows who she can call in her struggle… Anita and Jesus. We also know that the greatest gift we can give to Jennica is the the love of Christ, who has the power to break all chains and heal all hearts. He is revealing Himself through the love and friendship of 71Five mentors, which is only possible because of you. Please pray with us as we watch and wait, with the hope of Christ, for the day that Jennica sees the restoration of all things in her life. If you would like more information on how you can be involved in the 71Five Parents ministry, contact Missy at  MISSY GETSINGER   71Five Parents Coordinator   (541) 779-3275
“Lord God, you are my hope. I have trusted you since I was young.” Psalm 71:5 ICB