building leaders

Being a leader is challenging… But if there is one thing I have learned about being a true leader, it is that wise leaders take followers and turn them into leaders. That’s exactly the opportunity I have while working with Wyatt. This middle-school boy has a big heart. When he grows up, he wants to be “…a business owner. I’m dreaming of starting my own business with my own employees.” Recently he has been coming to Thursday Night’s 71Five Campus Club and listening to the hope offered through Jesus. Wyatt expressed that he wants to start a bike repair hobby so he can practice being a future business owner. I am now partnering with Wyatt to make this happen and empower him to go after the true leader he really is.
I shared with Wyatt that Jesus put him on the planet with a gift that only he can fill and give to the world. Thanks for providing the hope of Jesus to Wyatt and empowering him to become the influential person he was created to be. – JOSHUA LOOMIS 71Five Campus Area Director – Gold Hill