71Five Outreach Coordinator – Medford

“Darien Alvarado was born in California and moved to Oregon when he was only two years of age. From there he was raised most of his life in Grants Pass, Oregon. He was not raised in the church, but Christ sought him out and drew him at the age of twenty. From then he’s been growing his knowledge of scripture and the teachings of Christ.
Darien was a volunteer at 71Five North medford campus for almost two years before he moved to Coos Bay. Only a few weeks into his move he was offered the opportunity to be one of 71Fives’ Outreach Coordinator and Resident Assistant. God showed him clearly that this was a career path he could be passionate about and brought him back to Medford the following month. He is greatly encouraged to get involved with young peoples lives of all ages and paths and chases to be a shining light for Christ and for what 71Five is doing for our community.”


71Five Outreach Coordinator – Medford
cell (541) 944-6792


529 Edwards Street
Medford, Oregon 97501
fax (541) 779-7702
office (541) 779-3275

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