discussing the consequences

Some choices we make can have long-lasting consequences… This is true for one of our young moms. Daisy is one of the friendliest, easy going, lovable people I’ve ever met. You could walk into a room and not know a single person and immediately find a friend in Daisy. But one day, Daisy made a choice out of anger, and this choice led to long-lasting, life-changing consequences. Three of us at 71Five Parents recently met with Daisy to discuss the consequences of this choice and how we could come alongside her as she looks to move forward. As we sat with Daisy, discussing her goals and some action steps, we discussed her spiritual goals. Daisy is seeking. She’s asking questions like, “Who is God?” We sat with Daisy and talk to her about how great God’s love is for her and how He desires to be known by her. She then said one of her action steps was “…Going to be to pray and ask God to show himself!” In that moment I had a realization. This negative choice Daisy made left her with hard consequences which led Daisy to ask us for help which led us to a conversation about God, His grace and love for her, and how He wants to be known by Her. Choices do have consequences, but… we serve a God who can use all things for good and use anything to draw us to Himself. He is drawing Daisy to Himself! And because of your faithfulness to this ministry we get to have these conversations with Daisy and see God pursuing her right before our eyes. Thank you for supporting Youth 71Five Ministries. Your support is changing lives! – APRIL BARSALOU, 71Five Parents Assistant Director april@71Five.org