Generations Bring Hope

In ministry, I’ve learned to think in terms of generations. When ministering to kids, we consider the effect it will have on the children that will come from this child in front of us today. When 71Five develops new ministry team members, we work to help them keep one eye on the future and how the ministry will look as they one day hand it off to the next generation. Today, 71Five reaches out to kids and families that struggle and yet we do this work while building for the future to serve broken kids that are not yet born. They too will need the power and love of God displayed in their lives. I, personally, won’t be here to serve them but team members we teach today and those who follow them will be for years after I’m gone. The key: God will always be here!
Youth 71Five Ministries is built on the work of generations of ministers who began building on the foundation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Constantly building on a firm foundation to bring hope into the lives of kids through a trusting relationship with our Savior remains the calling we follow. MATT SWEENEY 71Five Ministry Coordinator (541) 779-3275
“Lord God, you are my hope. I have trusted you since I was young.” Psalm 71:5 icb