71Five Assistant Development Director

Heather Converse moved to Southern Oregon in high school, met her husband when she was 23 and at 24 they were married. Together, they have 4 children (3 boys and 1 girl). Heather and her husband are both entrepreneurs and love to serve in their community by allowing Jesus to be the center of all their dreams and goals. Life has always been a wild ride as their kids are involved in sports and overall, they have a very active family.
Since 2008, Heather has been a small business consultant, providing many local businesses and organizations with specialized advice to change workloads, assist with team building, and plan for expansion and growth, among other things. All while raising kids, supporting her husband’s business venture’s and volunteering in several local ministries. Serving others at any capacity is a significant part of Heather Converse’s life purpose.


71Five Assistant Development Director
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