kingship question

Last night, Jonathan, one the high school boys at the 71Five Campus Monday Night Club came up to me after our group talk on who Jesus is and his kingship. He asked me, “Is God ok with the death penalty?” I did my best to answer his question and follow up questions. It probably wasn’t the most life changing encounter, but overall, it’s been a pattern of our relationship. I’ve known Jonathan for years now and we have a trusting relationship where he feels free to ask questions about God or anything else. Jonathan is learning about God and getting answers from someone who knows the Bible and has a relationship with Jesus. That’s something that most kids don’t get in our culture today.
Thank you for making authentic trusting relationships like these possible. Through caring adults, kids like Jonathan are coming to know Jesus because people like you give, pray, and volunteer. If you’d like to get involved, call us at (541) 779-3275 or visit TIM HARDY   71Five Campus Ministry Director and 71Five Campus – North Medford Coordinator   (541) 779-3275