71Five Campus Coordinator – Phoenix/Talent

Melanie moved to the beautiful Rogue Valley from Sacramento in 2016 to finish her degree in Health and Physical Education at Southern Oregon University. As Melanie finished school and searched for career paths, her heart kept coming back to the idea of youth ministry. She came to know the Lord when she was a senior in high school and since then she has spent some of the best times of her life working in youth ministry. She worked at an overnight Christian camp in Bellingham, Washington called Camp Firwood for 4 summers, which is also where she was introduced to Tyler, her husband. She was a volunteer in youth groups, and volunteered for Campus Life at a middle school for 2 years while she still lived in Sacramento. In almost all of the jobs she has had, she’s worked with children because she has a passion for the healthy growth and well-being of youth. She wants kids to feel that they are cared for, experience being loved for who they are, and know that they are loved by our amazing God.

She thought she would only be here in the Rogue Valley for the duration of her schooling, but God had other plans. Melanie got married in July of 2018 to her wonderful husband Tyler, who is now teaching English at South Medford High School. Melanie and Tyler love traveling together, being with the people they love, being outdoors and trying new forms of recreation, working with young people, playing games, and so much more. Melanie is excited about the path God has her on and how He will use her in this ministry.



71Five Campus Coordinator – Phoenix/Talent
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