Sometimes, God opens doors slower than you’d like.

Since I started working as the area director for Phoenix and Talent, the big goal has been to get into the schools and build relationships with the youth in my communities. I thought that would be a simple and quick process, but I learned I needed to connect with staff before I could volunteer at all. It took some time but as God worked on my patience the connections started rolling in, and now I have invitations to volunteer at Phoenix Elementary, the High School, and Talent Middle School. At the Elementary school, I help with recess. There’s chaos as children run around, yell, laugh, play games, and I get to join the fun. Many kids are excited to have an adult give them special attention – even if it is just in playing a game of soccer – and it isn’t hard to see some crave attention because there’s no one at home to give it. “Thank you so much for volunteering,” a staff member said, “so many of them come from broken homes. They need a positive influence in their lives.” Many of them have single parents, who struggle to make ends meet and raise their kids at the same time. These kids are hurting, lost, and aching for the empty place in their heart to be filled with love.
In God’s perfect timing, He’s brought me to these schools to reach these young people with the only love that can bring them eternal comfort – the love of Jesus Christ. When you support our ministry, you provide for these lost and broken children who ache to be loved. Your involvement brings trust that leads to hope for the youth in Phoenix and Talent.” – CAMERON HOEHNE  71Five Campus Area Director – Phoenix /Talent