71Five Staff

Youth 71Five Ministries Team

We are blessed to have a dedicated team of staff passionate about serving our local youth. Youth 71Five Ministries is not only a place to grow and develop professionally, it’s a place that will change you personally. We’re a place where careers in “raising lifelong followers of Jesus” are made. Youth 71Five Ministries is always searching for high-integrity individuals that desire to directly or indirectly impact youth. For general inquiries, please call our office at (541) 779-3275 or email office@71Five.org
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Angeline Croucher

Beau Jeska

Breanna Stoutenburgh

Bud Amundsen

Chris Willis

Connor Vassallo

Darien Alvarado

Darlene Knudson

Deanna Jones

Farrah Guthrie

Frank Matz

Ian Namu

Isaiah Abney

Jeff Keener


Jeff Moritz

Jesse Blair

Jonathan Mason

Ken Ruiz

Larry Licato

Laurie Heiselman

Leif Amundsen

Lisa Stadtmiller

Mark Shelamer

Martin Corder

Matt Sweeney

Melanie Parsons

Misty Duke

Peter Kuhl

Rachel Simonsen

Robert Milton

Sara Nielsen

Shane Skirvin

Teresa Hutley

Teresa Tonini

Terry Guthrie

Tim Hardy

Wendy Davey

Will Arias