the happiness myth

Each Tuesday we have our 71Five VoTech life-skills training class… Many people today call them ‘Adulting’ classes. We cover 12 topics ranging from personal banking to workplace communication. Last week our topic was “the myth of happiness.” Anyone who’s connected to modern media has been deeply affected by the happiness myth. Over time we begin to believe our purpose in life is to be happy. If we could just have that new car, house, boat, hairstyle, vacation, etc… We’d be happy. Sadly, as soon as we get what we want the happiness begins to fade and we find ourselves looking for the next thing.
All 6 young adults in the class shared they often felt sad because they didn’t have the money to buy the things they needed and wanted. Chris shared “I’m going to be a millionaire so then I’ll be happy and help my family be happy.” When I explained money couldn’t make him happy, he disagreed. Which led to a great group discussion about what really makes us happy. During the discussion we explained, happiness is the body’s response to achieving goals.  As we set and then achieve a goal our body rewards us with a good feeling. As a result, happiness is not a constant state in which we can stay. Happiness and sadness are just feelings that come and go based on circumstance. At this point Anthony asked, “so what is my purpose?” Great question!
I wish every struggling kid could have been with us to hear what our true purpose in life is. The look of hope that follows this message is amazing; that our purpose is to love and be loved by Jesus, and in doing so bring glory to God. Come join our team and help us reach young people with the message of their true purpose. – TODD SORENSEN 71Five VoTech Director