71Five City Coordinator – West Medford

Troy Ellis: Embracing Faith, Cultivating Youth, and Spreading Joy
Meet Troy Ellis, a lifelong believer whose faith has shaped his remarkable journey. Starting in 2018 with Zoe Interns Bible college and internship at Joy Church Medford, Troy’s commitment to God’s call led him to volunteer at Youth 71Five Ministries after completing his degree in biblical studies. He left his career at Costco, where he had worked for over 10 years, on the promise that God had something better for him. Shortly after taking this step of faith in January of 2023, he met Beau Jeska who told him there was a position on staff at 71Five, and he now serves as the 71Five City Coordinator in West Medford. Having spent much of his time as an intern engaging with Joy’s CYM youth group, he’s able and ready to share his passion about nurturing young hearts.
A world traveler, Troy spreads his faith through missionary work, bridging cultures and touching lives. Music and the arts fuel his creativity, while his profound discussions on biblical topics inspire those around him.
Troy’s fervor for educating youth about Jesus’ timeless teachings is evident as he pursues a Master’s in Psychology from City Vision University. With an unshakable belief in living as Christ did, Troy calls all Christians to embrace a purposeful and compassionate life today.


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