Mentoring leads to God’s transforming hope one relationship at a time. With as little as 4 hours a month you can make a life-changing impact. Young people today struggle to develop trusting relationships. They search for answers and connections online but continue to become increasingly disconnected, discouraged, and directionless. 71Five Mentors are trained, responsible, caring, Christian adults who enjoy flexibility of schedule as they engage in trusting one-to-one relationships with young people ages 7 to 24 free of charge in both Jackson & Josephine County. This mentor relationship develops the mental, physical, social, and spiritual components of each young person’s life. You can participate in this opportunity to empower a young person to thrive individually and strengthen our community.

71Five MENTORS Includes:

Mentorship is proven to improve social-emotional development, build interpersonal skills, impact academic performance, have outcomes of youth 46% less likely than peers to start using illegal drugs, 27% less likely to start drinking, 55% more likely to enroll in college, 78% more likely to volunteer in their communities.
Begin a mentor relationship with someone who has experience in life & in your area of interest where you can:
  • Pursue Interests (photography, art, music, cooking, design…)
  • Find Purpose & Hope
  • Receive Trusted Guidance for Life’s Challenges & Possibilities
  • Develop Practical Job, Life, or Study Skills
  • Explore Spiritual Concepts
  • Collaborate to Reach Goals
  • Participate in Fun & Adventurous Activities (hiking, sports, working out…)
  • Attend 71Five Mentor social events such as rafting, hiking, and dinners.
Become a mentor where you will receive:
  • Training on how to be an effective mentor and components of a 71Five Mentors’ purpose & commitments
  • On-going support and tools to help you facilitate the mentoring relationship
  • Immediate access to staff and support in cases of special needs and concerns
  • Background check clearance with fingerprinting (requires a small fee less than $15) upon application
  • Experience in recruiting, relationship building, leadership, and management skills
  • Prayer as you step out in the work of sharing your story and sharing God’s story of hope
  • Ability to utilize your life experience, skills, and talents
  • Rewards that come in the form of participating in powerful life changing stories of hope


71Five Mentors Coordinator
cell (541) 441-2495


1241 W 8th St,
Medford, Oregon 97501
office (541) 779-3275


GIVE to:

mail to: 529 Edwards Street, Medford, Oregon 97501  |  (541) 779-3275  |  office@71Five.org