71Five VoTech – Shady Cove

Young people today find themselves in one of the most challenging job markets in the last 100 years. Many youths find although they need and want to work, they lack the skill and training it takes to succeed. 71Five VoTech offers mentoring and vocational training for young people 16 – 24 years old. Participants receive the life-transforming skills they need through the 71Five VoTech initiative.

71Five VoTech Includes:

• Boot Camp – Focusing on character building and aptitude testing.
• Vocational Training – 12 weeks of training in carpentry, automotive or welding.
• Internship – 3 months with one of our community partners.
• Job Placement – Resume building and placement assistance.
You may submit your information to:


71Five VoTech Coordinator
phone (541) 779-3275

71Five VoTech – Shady Cove

71Five Campus Youth Center
25 Erickson Ave
Shady Cove, Oregon 97539


GIVE to:

mail to: 529 Edwards Street, Medford, Oregon 97501  |  (541) 779-3275  |  office@71Five.org