Seek Refuge 🙌

Daisy is a smart, beautiful, and very funny young girl… but she comes from a broken home where she’s constantly told the opposite. Coming from an unstable home filled with verbal and emotional abuse, Daisy’s seeks refuge at 71Five. Although her life seemed to be filled with uncertainties, one thing always remains the same… “This is my favorite place!” Daisy is matched with a patient, caring, and loving 71Five mentor whose family also loves Daisy. When an unfortunate event happened resulting with Daisy being placed into foster care, her mentor was the first person she contacted. Although she’s in a foster home, the strong bond between Daisy and her mentor has been recognized as essential for Daisy. Thankfully, a sense of stability can be preserved as they continue their friendship as well as go to Daisy’s favorite place together – club at 71Five!
Through 71Five Mentors, authentic and trusting relationships are formed between at-risk youth and loving Christ-following adults who are willing to stick with-it through thick & thin. Kids can maintain stability and a sense of safety through their mentoring relationships, especially when the world around them is unstable. Thank you for being a part of Daisy’s favorite place! Come join us— we need more mentors!!! DARLENE HARPER   71Five Mentors Coordinator   (541) 779.3275
“Lord God, you are my hope. I have trusted you since I was young.” Psalm 71:5 ICB