trusting relationships 👬

Walter Stacey is a high schooler who has attended 71Five Campus in Eagle Point for many years. He is very outgoing, friendly to everyone, and is proud to have the self-given title of “Campus Mascot.” One evening I got a call from Walter’s coworker saying, ‘“Please come right away. Walter is having a major anxiety attack and he said he needed you.” I dropped what I was doing and drove to his work which was thankfully only 5 minutes away. When I got there, I realized just how severe Walter’s anxiety attack was. He was lying on the bathroom floor and was shaking and sweating. His voice was weak as he asked me to help him up and to my car. After he calmed down and could speak, I asked him if he wanted to talk about what was going on, but he couldn’t. He thanked me a lot for being there and it really blessed me to know he trusted me enough to contact me knowing I would help him.
It’s times like these that show how much these kids need mentors in their lives. Adults who care, who kids know they can trust. Because of you, I was able to go be with Walter and build a trusting relationship that brings him one step closer to hope. Thank you!  PETER KUHL   71Five Campus Coordinator – Eagle Point   (541) 779-3275
“Lord God, you are my hope. I have trusted you since I was young.” Psalm 71:5 ICB