pursue trust

Jenna was only eleven when her mother passed away. A cyclone of pain, decimating the foundation of her world, left Jenna with confusion and brokenness. From a referral at school, she was connected with Youth 71Five Mentors and received her own mentor at the age of twelve. By her own admission, Jenna was distant and unable to trust. However, that didn’t stop Denise from pursuing her to build a friendship and to help rebuild from the destruction left by the storm. Jenna said that it was Denise’s consistency that allowed her to open up and trust an adult, saying herself “Denise was really there for me the whole time I struggled, in life, with high school drama, with boys, with getting a driver’s license… I knew she would be there and be someone I could count on to talk about anything.”
Jenna recently graduated from high school and is now headed off to college to be a cardio-thoracic surgeon! Denise, who works at a hospital, was able to bring Jenna in to show her around. She also, connect her with a physician’s assistant to be able to watch an actual surgery performed! Jenna didn’t need her mentor to solve all of her problems and life’s pain, she needed a caring person to walk alongside her through it all, to show up, to listen, and to encourage. That is exactly what Denise did for five years… Their relationship will continue on at college! MISTY DUKE 71Five Mentors Director (541) 779.3275 misty@71Five.org
“Lord God, you are my hope. I have trusted you since I was young.” Psalm 71:5 ICB


encouragement through trusting relationships

Stephen is not the quiet kid… For a fourth grader, his presence fills a room quickly. From his clunky foot steps to his voice that projects into every corner, you know immediately when he is around. Stephen lives with his emotional and developmental challenges. He has no connection with his biological father and earlier this year his step-dad passed away suddenly. Stephen is also a precious child of God. In our Elementary Club, he’s the first one to raise his hand when asked if anyone would like to pray. He’s the kid who talks to all the other kids, leaving no one out and making new kids feel welcome.
Stephen’s heart is open to hear about the love God has for him. His heart is eager for connection and encouragement through trusting relationships. He’s also on the list to receive a mentor but the program needs more mentors. Would you pray for Stephen? Pray for a godly man to serve as a mentor for him. Jesus told us to go and make disciples. Here’s a kid who’s ready… who will disciple this one? Contact me if you would like to know more about becoming a mentor at misty@71Five.org or (541) 779-3275. Your involvement brings trust that leads to hope. MISTY DUKE 71Five Mentors Director (541) 779.3275 misty@71Five.org


This Amazing Young Lady!

Miranda is soft-spoken and reserved but has a smile that fills the room! Over the last several months Miranda has increased in her sociability with others in our 71Five Mentors Elementary Club… students and adults alike. She actively participates in the group by asking and answering questions, shares her memorization skills by telling us the Bible verses she learned last year, and one night she brought her new guitar to share her musical abilities. It is an honor to witness this amazing young lady grow and blossom right before our eyes. She is not yet matched with her own mentor but we already recognize her confidence sprouting in the group mentoring setting.
Many kids like Miranda are on a waiting list to receive a mentor. Would you pray about ways in which you could participate in sharing the love of Christ to these incredible young people? MISTY DUKE 71Five Mentors Director misty@71Five.org