I heard

Lately we’ve noticed something interesting at 71Five VoTech. People show up and start conversations with, “I heard…” Questions like: “I heard I can get air for my bike tire here.” Or, “I heard you can fix my taillights!” More importantly, I had a dad come by and say, “I heard you guys work with youth, do you think you might be able to reach my son?” The dad was at a loss to know what to do and was desperate to not lose his son. Together we are seeing his son thrive, make better life choices, engage in activities, learn new skills and most importantly, hear about the love of Jesus. This same family has now taken in a homeless young man and then said, “I heard you can include a boy like this into your classes. I would love to bring him here.” This second young man is also doing well.
People also say, “I heard you can use a new saw or a meal to feed the youth.” Have you ever had a tug on your heart to reach the youth of our valley… to be a person who builds trust that leads to hope? If so, you are just the one we’d love to have join 71Five, as a volunteer, prayer warrior or financial partner.
LARRY LICATO,  71Five VoTech Coordinator – Medford 
(541) 890-1819 | larry@71Five.org
“Lord God, you are my hope. I have trusted you since I was young.” Psalm 71:5 ICB