The Power of Prayer

I’ve been helping with a club called Kingdom Building at Ashland High School. One of the kids, Dakoda, wanted prayer about the possibility of returning kidney stones after a recent exam. We immediately prayed as a group over him for healing and direction. A couple of weeks later, he came and said, thankfully, it was not the return of the kidney stones. The residue from his past kidney stones tipped the doctor off and it was not an issue. Dakoda then said, “I guess someone up there is listening.” I replied, “You would be surprised how much God does listen to us!” Thankfully God loves us so much that he listens to every problem we have no matter how bad.
Thank you for your prayers for the young people at 71Five. Your constant communication with God provides a trusting relationship with these young people like Dakoda.
LEIF AMUNDSEN, 71Five Campus Interim Coordinator – Ashland
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“Lord God, you are my hope. I have trusted you since I was young.” Psalm 71:5 ICB