Three kids showed up . . .

It started off with 6 pizzas, 4 adults, 3 kids and 1 snarky comment. I knew club would be interesting since the 71Five Campus Coordinators were gone, but I was thrilled when three kids showed up! We sassed around and they warmed up as we ate pizza and played a board game. Our discussion focused on God saying Jesus was His only begotten son, what do people say about us, and what does God say about us. After closing in prayer, Mr. Snarky sat up and stated he wished club would always be “like this,” the other boys agreed. This was the opposite to his earlier comment, and I wasn’t sure if he meant it sarcastically, because discussion was short, or because he had more attention than usual. As I picked up their handouts, I glanced at their answers to the question that asked: “What’s the next step you want to take with God?” To my surprise, one of the boys wrote, “…since being baptized at 71Five’s Camp, I want to work on my prayer life and pray more.” It’s sweet to see how underneath those “tough teenage boy” exteriors, there are still hearts being transformed by Jesus.
You provide the powerful message that changes and shapes these kids’ lives, physically and spiritually. On behalf of all the youth at 71Five, “THANK YOU!”
DARLENE KNUDSON,  71Five Mentors Coordinator  
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“Lord God, you are my hope. I have trusted you since I was young.” Psalm 71:5 ICB