A Sudden Change . . .

Tim regularly attends clubs at 71Five City but he’s shown no interest in the teaching or discussions… until recently. All of a sudden he’s had an openness to the gospel! Each week we set aside time to talk about Jesus – the One who trades places with us, the One who gives us His perfect life in place of our sinful one. This is how we are truly transformed and given a brand new start in life! I noticed that he was not just asking questions and listening during our teaching time but I also saw changes in his behavior during clubs. It’s encouraging to see kids making real life decisions to believe in Jesus and follow Him. It’s absolutely awesome when you see these young people’s hearts change – it’s such joy to see! Tim ended up asking me to baptize him this past week!
Thank you for partnering with us as we are putting the seeds in these kid’s hearts. You never know when it will land on good soil! My wife’s whole family got saved when her grandpa asked Jesus into his heart as a young boy. He went to church by himself and ended up leading his parents and siblings to Christ. Great things can happen and entire families’ destinies can be changed when even one child’s heart is transformed by the gospel!
SHANE SKIRVIN,  71Five City – Liberty Park Coordinator  
(541) 646-1475 | shane@71Five.org
“Lord God, you are my hope. I have trusted you since I was young.” Psalm 71:5 ICB