All Circumstances

Recently I had a chance to talk to some young people at 71Five about the claims of Christ. The discussion was a no holds barred Q&A session lasting about an hour and half. The questions came primarily from an atheist point of view and it was incredible to hear what these kids are dealing with! Later, I connected with the same young people and was surprised when a young girl Sarah said frankly “Oh Shane, I believe in good and evil. I’ve seen some real evil before!” We had a great conversation where she told me about some of her experiences with darkness and the occult. I shared with her about how Jesus can set her free from all darkness regardless of past ties. Sarah said she wanted to follow this path and wanted to start reading her Bible!
It’s wonderful to share Christ with kids who have “intellectual“ questions as well as with kids who are looking to be set free from darkness and the occult. Thank you for bringing this great Hope into all circumstances and situations, no matter where our kids find themselves.
SHANE SKIRVIN,  71Five City – Liberty Park Coordinator  
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“Lord God, you are my hope. I have trusted you since I was young.” Psalm 71:5 ICB