Dealing with behavioral issues

I heard recently about a couple young men in our 71Five VoTech training program who are dealing with behavioral issues. They struggle to focus, follow instructions, and they create chaos everywhere they go. Their fathers attend the program with them because of their lack of control. It’s clear in our efforts to teach trade skills to these young men is taking its toll on everyone. The dads are worn out, our staff are worn out and they’re all wondering if anything worthwhile is being accomplished… but the boys are still coming, and the story isn’t over.
As we prayed for these boys at staff meeting, I realized… if not us, then who? These young men don’t fit in school. 71Five VoTech is really their only option to learn skills to become productive men. The incredibly patient staff and volunteer staff are the best chance these boys have. It’s in this patience and determination where our mission truly comes alive, where the real work is, where sacrifices for young people are made. But this is also where hard earned trust leads to hope.
Thank you for providing hard earned trust. It brings real hope.
BUD AMUNDSEN,  71Five Executive Director  
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“Lord God, you are my hope. I have trusted you since I was young.” Psalm 71:5 ICB