Don’t have a Bible?

One of the most exciting things working in the ministry here at 71Five is when I see a kid get excited about the bible. A week ago miss Sophia and I had a conversation about sin and how do we know what is sin and what’s not. I said to her, “Well, you can find all those answers in your Bible.” She looked at me funny and said, “But Will, I don’t have a Bible.” I had thought some time back that her mom had bought a Bible for her. It looks like I was wrong. The next day through the ministry we were able to gift her one with her name embossed on it. The leaders at 71Five Campus in Shady Cove wrote a special message and signed it for her. Ryann, 71Five Intern, presented her with the new Bible. She was so excited she ran through the Youth Center giving out hugs to all the leaders to thank them for this special gift. And then we received this text message from her mom: “Walked in to say good night to Sophia the other night and she was reading her Bible. My heart melted. 🤍 Thank you.”
Thank you for providing this young person with the gift of hope. Your financial support and prayers are reaching the lives of so many people like Sophia and her mom.
WILL ARIAS,  71Five Campus Coordinator – Shady Cove
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“Lord God, you are my hope. I have trusted you since I was young.” Psalm 71:5 ICB