I can tell my friend about Jesus!

Beau is one of our most regular elementary students she’s there every week with her big sister and she is always excited about club. Not too long ago Beau and I were having a conversation and another girl said, “I’m not a Christian.” Beau got very worried and pulled me aside and said, “We can’t let that girl come anymore because she isn’t a Christian.” Beau had the idea you had to know Jesus, to go to anything about Jesus. I then had the opportunity to explain, “Everybody is welcome to come to club… even people who aren’t Christians. Just because we teach about Jesus doesn’t mean that you have to know Jesus to come and have fun!” Then we got to talk about sharing Jesus, and what a great opportunity it is to teach your friends who don’t know Jesus about how awesome he is. Beau lit up and shouted, “That means I can tell all of my friends about Jesus!”
Thank you for helping give children like Beau, the courage to tell all of their friends about Jesus!
SARA NIELSEN,  71Five Campus Coordinator – Central Point
(541) 816-6761 | sara@71Five.org
“Lord God, you are my hope. I have trusted you since I was young.” Psalm 71:5 ICB