“Letting Holy Bros Cook”

During one of our sessions at the juvenile detention center, I had the privilege of engaging with the young individuals there in a unique way. Wanting to capture their interest and encourage their minds, I brought in a book that translates common Bible stories into Gen Z slang. As I read aloud from the book, I could see the interest among the group. But what truly made the experience memorable was when I invited a few of the guys to come up and take turns reading stories themselves. One young man stood out as he eagerly volunteered to read and ended up captivating everyone with his animated delivery. During his reading of a story about Jesus and his Disciples, he exclaimed, “These Holy bros know how to cook.” This translates to expressing admiration for their skills or expertise. What struck me the most was how naturally he connected with the slang and made the stories come alive with his own commentary. It was as if he had found his element, stepping into a role of sharing the gospel with his peers in a way that resonated with them. Seeing him embrace this opportunity and witnessing the impact he had on his fellow detainees was truly inspiring. It reminded me of the power of meeting people where they are and using creative means to share timeless truths.
It’s amazing to be able to take something that is relevant to the kids and share God’s story with them. Please prayerfully consider joining our team or partnering up with us today. You can help be the change and hope young people need in our community.
CHRIS WILLIS,  71Five Justice Coordinator – Grants Pass  
(541) 941-3488 | chris@71Five.org
“Lord God, you are my hope. I have trusted you since I was young.” Psalm 71:5 ICB