‘necessary injustice’

I heard this story the other day… Joey had only met Melanie, our Phoenix Area Coordinator in person once but had connected through online club. He’s also been playing the online game ‘Fortnite’ with Melanie and her husband. One afternoon Joey reached out to them and asked, “Would you be willing to spend a couple hours with me tomorrow to play Fortnite? It’s my birthday and I have no one to spend it with.” You see, Joey has already faced a lot of challenges in life, but because of COVID-19 his big birthday plans fell to nothing; No party, no friends or family were going to celebrate Joey. This isn’t a huge tragedy, but it clearly reveals what kids are facing. They’re struggling everyday with the ‘necessary injustice’ of social distancing. For their safety they’ve had relationships, activities, freedom, fun, and even birthday parties taken from them. They know it’s for their good, but they still feel the sadness and anger… Isolation and loss is difficult for adults to handle, let alone kids.

This is where you step in. You have provided trusting relationships that lead to hope. You provide someone to share the moment, someone to share the hurt and someone to share a path to hope. Thank you for providing the someone!!… If you’d like to be the someone… Come join 71Five and call (5410 779-3275 or go online at 71Five.org BUD AMUNDSEN   71Five Executive Director   (541) 779-3275   bud@71Five.org

“Lord God, you are my hope. I have trusted you since I was young.” Psalm 71:5 ICB