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I recently traveled to Israel. It was an incredible experience. As I was at the Western Wall in Jerusalem, amidst all the religiousness and chaos, out of the crowd, a young college age man yells out to me and my sisters, “Hey, are you guys Trump supporters?” The question seemed so out of place from everything that was going on around me and the many languages, mostly Hebrew, that I was hearing. I turned to the young man and talked with him. I learned he was a Jew, from New York, living in Jerusalem, doing religious studies under one of the top Rabbis. As we talked, it became obvious he was searching for meaning in his life and felt being more religious would help. In Israel, there was so much religiousness. Only 50 yards away from where we were having this conversation, men were chanting, wailing, praying, bowing, using boxes on their heads, using plants, using things around their arms, and all to a wall. I asked this young man. “What do you believe about Jesus?” He seemed oblivious about Jesus. It was probably the coolest setting you can imagine telling someone about Jesus. At one point, I was like “…and just down the road, there’s the empty tomb you can go see.” Jesus gives young people hope, that is far more than just praying to a wall. Jesus changes lives.
When you give to 71Five, you are doing more than just supporting a great organization. You’re supporting the ministry of passionate people who share Jesus, with young people, wherever they go. Thanks for sharing the hope of Jesus… even with a young man in Jerusalem.
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“Lord God, you are my hope. I have trusted you since I was young.” Psalm 71:5 ICB