What chance does this young man have?

“Pray for me and my Dad he got sent to prison for 3 to 4 years and for my Mom it will be about 2 years.” This was a prayer request from a 15-year-old boy sitting in juvenile detention. What chance does this young man have to stay out of prison? What he’s been taught has already led him to crime and jail. There’s not much hope for him to learn a different way.
Thankfully you’ve provided the answers. You sent caring adults into the jail to find this young man. You provided people who care about his future. You provided a true story that lets him know there’s more to life. That he is loved. There is a door to forgiveness. He can love other people and get help to change the way he lives. But most of all you have brought healing and hope that lasts forever!
BUD AMUNDSEN,  71Five Executive Director  
541.301.0897 | bud@71Five.org
“Lord God, you are my hope. I have trusted you since I was young.” Psalm 71:5 ICB